The Always Planned Way

We believe in getting to know our clients.  We take a small number of weddings each year, so, to us, you're not just another date on the calendar, but instead an opportunity to exceed expectations–to test our ability to bring the nuances of your relationship to life, and to create the wedding and celebration you never knew you could dream of.  That's what we do.  Here's how we do it.



Client On-Boarding

Once you've decided to work with our team, we take a moment to get you familiar with our online planning system.  This unique program contains all of the pertinent information necessary to successfully plan your celebration.  Here you can find details such as: our to-do list, a working budget, where we keep track of your payment schedule, RSVP & guest list management, vendor contracts and budget information, along with an overview of your event design.



The Design

We love to have in-depth conversations about the overall look and feel of your day.  While this starts during the initial consultation, we continue to get to know you and there have a better understanding of your expectations. Afterward, we create a custom detailed design proposal of what it will take to bring your vision to life.  Our team is able to handle all of the design logistics in-house and therefore maintain complete control of your design.  This is an huge advantage to you, and allows your designer to accurately reflect the ambiance and experience you and your guests will receive.


The Planning Phase

It's during the planning phase where you see all of the logistics and details coming together.  We work for you to suggest the best suited vendor for the many different areas of expertise your event will require.  Everything from catering and photography, to valet service, tent rentals and restroom trailers–our experienced team pulls all of the aspects of your event together during this time.  We serve as the liaison between you and your vendor team, insuring the smallest of detail is not overlooked, and your planning process is smooth, relaxing and enjoyable. 


Final Prep

We've almost made it to the big day!  Approximately five to six weeks before your celebration, we start the final planning stage.  It's at this point that we finely craft your event timeline, follow up with your entire team of wedding vendors, and wrap up any last minute plans that need attention. 


It's Party Time

Today is the day, and we're ready to celebrate!  Our team has worked hard putting the finishing touches on the elements we've carefully planned.  When your day finally arrives, we've spent well over 300 hours preparing for everything to run smoothly.  Our team is the first to arrive–while our design team is setting up–your event manager greets each vendor and once more goes over the details of your day.  The list of things we handle on you wedding day is vast, and far too long to line out.  When your day is over, we break it all down, and hours after you've had your last dance, our team finally is done for the day.  Mission accomplished!


Your wedding day is a whirlwind, and goes by too quickly–thankfully you've hired an experienced, professional and stylish team, so you're relaxed as you marry the love of your life and dance the night away.